Promoting AI in the Greek Society and Businesses

Association of Artificial Intelligence

The Association of Artificial Intelligence – AiCatalyst is a broad network of experts from the Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology world. Its target is to contribute with critical interventions and become the catalyst for the fast transition of Greece to the new era through the digital transformation.

Our mission

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
in the epicentre

Support of the Social and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Highlight the highly expert human capital (via our working groups). Connection point with innovation promoting institutions abroad. Support and mentoring towards searching for investments. Digital transformation of the Greek Economy.

Promote the knowledge and the adoption of AI

Help establishing the trust for AI. Cultivate a new mindset and promote new skills. Raise social awareness for AI.

Support the Technology of AI

Innovative projects of public interest. Develop AI solutions. Establish a national registry about AI experts and solutions (Chamber of AI). Transform the research results into usable products.

Promote the transparency for the AI solutions

Personal data and Ethical AI. The legal aspect of AI. Fake news.

Our vision

Our vision is to play a key role in the public effort to utilize and democratize the remarkable number of solutions using AI within an ethical, transparent, and explainable framework while, establishing a network between the academic research and the innovative entrepreneurship. At the same time, we wish to assist the effort of change management among the Greek Businesses and the State.

Meet the Board Members

Who we are

Pavlos Sotiriadis


Thanasis Markantonis

1st Vice President

Nikos Pasios

2nd Vice President

Thodoris Krintas

3rd Vice President

Vassilis Mpokos

Secretary General

Pantelis Lamprou

Responsible for Operational Planning

Dimitris Gerogiannis

Responsible for Technology and R&D

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