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From Talk to Action: Six Research Collaborations from Southeast EuropeThursday, November 18th
1pm-7pm (GMT+2)Free registration:

Final conference of the project EthicAI about artificial intelligence and ethics (keynotes, project presentations, discussions, art program, music and virtual expo)

Keynote speaker: Gry Hasselbalch (DK), scholar of data technology, society, ethics and power – EthicAI fellows and presenters: Ajla Kulaglic, Albena Baeva, Ana-Maria Pleșca, Busra Sarigul, Dessislava Fessenko, Dorin Cucicov, Fatih Sinan Esen, Ivana Tkalčić, Katerina Gkoutziouli, Kemal Halilović, Marko Mrvoš, Matko Vlahović, Nasir Muftić, Sinem Görücü, Stefania Budulan, Tsvetomila Mihaylova, Vassilios Bokos, Yiannis Kiouvrekis – Musical guest: COOH / Ivan Shopov (BG)⭐ Art program: Moritz Simon Geist (DE), Veneta Androva (DE/BG)

EthicAI=FORUM is a virtual event, open to the public to conclude the 2021 edition of the EthicAI=LABS project. Save the date, 18th November, to join us for a day of keynotes and discussions, along with an exciting art program.In the past months the participants of the EthicAI=LABS project researched AI and ethics and their intersections in the context of linguistics, creativity, bias and media. The synergy between specialists with different backgrounds – artists, lawyers, academics, researchers – has resulted in artworks, chatbot algorithms, research papers and more. On 18th November we’re giving them the floor to present their collaborative works to you and to elaborate on their understanding of AI’s role in our everyday lives. How has their understanding of the ethical implications of artificial intelligence changed in the course of the project? What are their takeaways from the multidisciplinary approach to the topic? Join us at the EthicAI=FORUM and find out.Along with the groups’ collaborative works presented both on stage and in a virtual expo, we invite you to hear from leading EU experts in AI and Ethics like Gry Hasselbalch, artists exploring the human – machine relationship, and more.

📅 AGENDA (UTC +2) 

📅1.00-1.10 pm – Opening1.10-1.40 pm – KEYNOTE: Data Ethics of Power: A Human Approach in the Big Data and AI Era | Gry Hasselbalch1.40-2.00 pm – OPENING ACT: Tripods One by Moritz Simon Geist, screening2.00-2.10 pm – break, visiting the online expo, informal networking in chat rooms2.10-2.40 pm – SESSION 1: (Un)training Bias | Stefania Budulan (RO), Katerina Gkoutziouli (GR), Ana-Maria Pleşca (RO)2.40-3.10 pm – SESSION 2: “Hi! How can AI help you?”: An Exploration of Emotional Chatbots | Dorin Cucicov (RO), Tsvetomila Mihaylova (BG), Busra Sarigul (TR)3.10-3.40 pm – SESSION 3: Bias | Sinem Görücü (TR), Ajla Kulaglic (BH), Nasir Muftić (BH)3.40-4.00 pm – ART BREAK: AIVA (2020) by Veneta Androva + Q&A4.00-4.30 pm – SESSION 4: Can AI (Re)define Creativity? | Dessislava Fеssenko (BG), Yiannis Kiouvrekis (GR) Marko Mrvoš (HR)4.30-5.00 pm – SESSION 5: The AI Commandments: A mixed reality installation by Albena Baeva | Albena Baeva (BG) , Matko Vlahovic (HR), Kemal Halilovic (BH)5.00-5.30 pm – SESSION 6: The Trust in the Usage of AI in Social Media and Traditional Mass Media Ivana Tkalčić (HR), Fatih Sinan Esen (TR), Vassilios Bokos (GR)5.30-5.45 pm – break, visiting the online expo, informal networking in chat rooms5.45-6.15 pm- Wrap up session6.15-7.00 pm – CLOSING ACT: COOH / Ivan Shopov – Live music performance

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